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Nothing makes one so vain as being told one is a sinner!

Did you actually understand the movie?
Actually, yes. I noticed they kept going back and forth between present day and I kept track by watching their changing hair. LOL. But I feel like I've understood more each time, I can actally explain it now ;)

Curt Wild remind you of anyone?
Kurt Cobain look wise... but otherwise, no. I can't think of anyone.. maybe Iggy Pop acting wise ;)

D'you think VG was under-appreciated, or was it just crap?
No, not under appreciated really. It's like a lot of films, you either love it or hate it. I guess maybe not a lot of people know about it... ;) I'm sure they'd ALL love it!

What was your favourite song from the soundtrack?
"THe Ballad Of Maxwell Demon"... and anything Ewan "sings". Or screams. Hah. I lvoe him. But yeah.. and it's not on the soundtrack CD but the little bit of a song "Somebody call me Sabastian"...sounds like it'd be good ;)

Favourite moment in the film?
Oh, god there are so many. I don't know... ^_^ anything between Curt and brian... any interactions. The fight and the circus scene was good... "The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history"

Okay.. who was the prettiest guy in there?
Ewan Mcgregor is so hot - even as a blond! I liked the bleached hair ;) But Jonathan Rhys Meyers is PRETTIER.

So what are ya, a mod or a rocker?
I'm six of one, half a dozen of the other.
...what, you think I'd pass up the chance to quote the movie? ;)

Did Arthur irritate you at all?
No, he kind of depressed me... especially when he was younger. His aprents were kind of creepy too.

Weren't Placebo awesome?
When isn't Placebo, awesome?

Do you think there should be some sort of sequel, or something?
NO! Never.

What would happen in that?:
Nothing. There is nothing left to say... they already took care of what happened to the boys after the "story". That's the whole point of Arthur... lol.

Would you like to see a sort of Velvet Goldmine for the 80's era?
Nah, that's okay.

How many times have you watched the film?:
No clue. God, everyone I meet is forced to sit though it... and I watch it all the time. od only knows.

Did you understand what the hell all that spaceship crap was?:
Yes... be proud of me!

What did you actually think of the film?
PERFECT! One of the best movies ever ;)

Did it inspire you/make you think at all?:
I'm not sure... I had to learn more about David Bowie - had to do some research! Hah.

Is a man's life really his image?
It shouldn't be but... it is usually a big part of it. Yes.

Who's your favourite character in the film?
Curt Wilde

What impression did it leave you with?
It made me wish I was born and lived back then... I would have been in heaven.
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