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Adult store? Oh no.

Wee! Jess told me in the paper they had an ad looking for an organized person, who isn't afraid to multitask and has proficant sewing machine skills.

I got SO excited.. I can DO that. I took classes and everything. I can do it with 100% confidence which is great for me.

No information on where or what though.

So we looked up the number and then it gave us the store. I looked that up and we got an adress.

SO close, I could WALK there.

Unforntunetly it's an adult store... more specifically "The Original Playful Restraint and Novelty manufactuer".... which doesn't phase me in the least.

REALLY really tame stuff too... I swear. I've seen so much worse..this is nothing.

Mom, on the other hand, may not want me to. Even if it is just sewing stuff and junk. You know?

I mean that's gonna be so weird to ask her... "Hey...Mom. Is it okay if I work in a bondage store...? You know... sewing the holes in the crotchless panties?"

Hah. Jess and I had fun with that last night. But yeah... I can doooooo this.

As soon as I saw the store though I got so dissapointed... I'm almost 99% sure she wont let me. =( Even though it's soemthing I can actually DO for once. ;) Haha. Close to home too so I can walk there... grr.

It'd be so much easier if I didn't live at home. >_> Boo. No jobs ever work out cos i have to rely on rides and junk.... Kill me!
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